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UBHAS Indian of the Year 2008 - Dr Mrs Suman Kanwar

While the Personality and Achievements of Dr. Mrs Suman Kanwar are multi-faceted, in keeping with ethos of UBHAS, to applaud the contribution of the recepient of this award to social activities, some of her contributions in this field are listed below:

  • In her capacity of President Indian Women's Association, she played a major role in sponsoring the salary of one teacher at the Satya Sai Baba School, Lekki, which provides free education to Nigerian Students
  • During her tenure as the President, the Indian Women's Association sponsored two children from the Ibadan based "Save a child's heart" Foundation, contributed funds for Noma Children's Hospital at Sokoto, annually borne the expenses on treatment of two HIV patients in Abuja, contributed funds for roofing of one block at Molupe Cole Home for the handicapped at Yaba, contributed funds for artificial limbs project and free eye camps run by Indian charities.
  • As the founder member and President VAMA WAVE, an Indian Ladies Charity Group, she has played a leading role in various social and community projects including refurbishing of a number of Nigerian Schools and providing support to the elderly and needy citizens and less privieged children by carrying out monthly poor feeding programs.

  • UBHAS Indian of the Year Role Models

    2007 - Mr T. K. Thadani
    Mr Thadani through this education society is running a free school for Nigerian Children

    2006 - Mrs. Sambhavi Gopalakrishnan
    Mrs. Sambhavi Gopalakrishnan is synonymous with refuge relief work in Nigeria and West Africa

    2005 - Shri Govind Dayal
    Shri Govind Dayal runs free eye care centre for Nigerians where eye care operations are performed free of cost to the patients

    2004 - Dr. Jayaram
    Dr. Jayaram renders selfless service to leprosy patients in Nigeria. He also arranges free food for them

    2003 - Mr. Mirani
    Mr. Mirani's name is well known for his Artificial Limb Project. His venture has given life back to a number of disabled persons in Nigeria

    2002 - Mr. Narayan Bhai Patel
    Mr. Narayan Bhai Patel is closely associated with the Artificial Limb Project and the Indo-Eye Care Foundation

    2001 - Dr. Dhar
    Dr. Dhar runs free medical service for people of Nigeria


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